3 Real World Examples of Using Drone Video For More Than Just Real Estate

Video Marketing

  • Published on June 11, 2024
  • Last Updated on June 11, 2024
Illustration of a drone flying near buildings

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    If we say, “drone marketing,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

    Probably something like real estate.

    TechArk’s videographer, Matt Jefferson, shares,

    Drone video is an obvious choice for construction and land development companies. You’ve probably seen drone footage showing an aerial view of construction sites, but what’s interesting is how drone can capture details as well.

    Here are 3 Real-World Examples of How You Can Use Drone Video in Your Marketing Mix (That aren’t Real Estate)

    1. Aerial Views of Your Product or Space

    Indoor view of metal sheet company captured using Drone

    Especially if you have a large space or you’re looking for a way to move smoothly from one perspective to another, this is a great way to show that movement without weird cuts in the video and awkward transitions.

    We did drone video for a sheet metal company showing detail shots of ductwork indoors and aerial views of AC units on top of buildings. So instead of climbing up 50 floors, we just sent our drone up there and captured all the footage we needed.

    2. Events

    Drone capture an aerial view of a large ship.

    Events typically have a LOT going on.

    If you want to capture multiple shots from different areas, you need multiple photographers—and hope they all take photos the same way—just to get that feeling of being everywhere at once.

    Using a drone is a great way to capture the energy around the event and the attendees, whether it’s a large-scale event like a festival or a smaller event like a promo night at a local venue.

    However, airspace is heavily regulated, and having the right partner is essential to ensure that you don’t cross any legal lines.

    Jefferson provided the following insight.

    We’re starting to see drone video be used at large events as well, like the productions FestEvents puts on here in Hampton Roads. If a business wants to do that, it’s really important to know that the FAA has special regulations and requirements for drone operators.

    3. Close Ups

    Drone view inside a metal sheet factory: A worker walks across the vast industrial space.

    If you are used to a traditional approach to a photo shoot, then you know the limitations (and struggle) of having to set up and break down a photographer’s station. You also know the time it takes and the labor required to make sure everything is done right.

    Drones are a surprising alternative. Matt Jefferson had the following to add,

    Drones are also good at getting close-up shots. A drone can capture many of the same shots a handheld camera can, depending on the shoot. You can move from one location to another with ease, without having to move your lights, find a power source, or do a lot of set-up. In the right context, drone allows for more movement and spontaneity.

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