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Let’s Reimagine Your Small or Medium Business With Technology & Marketing Solutions

You are very busy running your small or medium business. You know how important digital marketing and technology is but you don’t have the time. Partner with TechArk and grow your business.

Your Challenges

  • Multiple systems and duplicate data entry
  • Process inefficiency, high costs
  • Stressed and struggling all the time
  • Missed business objectives/goals
  • Endless project & task list
  • Operating in reactive mode
  • Internal team is stretched thin
  • Not enough expertise in your team
  • Too many projects in the pipeline
  • Not enough qualified leads

TechArk’s Promise

  • Connect systems and increase productivity
  • Improve processes and reduce costs
  • Enjoy your business and peace of mind
  • Goals - finally being met
  • Delegate projects with confidence
  • Free time to become proactive
  • Leverage our talent pool
  • Experienced, technical team
  • Take on more projects with ease
  • Marketing campaigns are crushing it

Your one-stop solution to all things digital. Enjoy your small or medium business more by saving money and increasing profits.

Current State

You have so many things to do and there are so many more tasks getting added daily and weekly. You continue to prioritize but the list is not getting shorter and you are struggling to meet your small or medium business objectives.

You don’t have anyone in your business that is in-charge of your marketing and your technology needs. Most likely, you are wearing those hats as well and you are always having to put those needs on the back-burner due to other pressing issues and fires.

You may still be using a spreadsheet or paper-based process within your teams. These solutions don’t allow you to scale up. The result is inefficiency which forces you to always operate from “in-the-business” leaving you stressed and overworked.

You have too many vendors when it comes to website design, development, hosting and digital marketing. There is one company that built your website, another one that is hosting the site and yet another one that is website design, development, hosting for you. While coordinating all of these different vendors you are struggling to perform your typical job duties.

You are overwhelmed with the various marketing things you need to do. You have worked with a few vendors before and you have not been impressed. You are ready to change your small or medium business’s digital marketing strategy.

You need help with crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business. The audience targeting, demographics, messaging and your positioning all needs to be revisited. You need an expert that can guide you.

How Can Team TechArk Help?

We know you are extremely busy running your small or medium business. You are looking for a trusted partner that:

  • Is trustworthy and you can visualize easily working with.
  • Is attentive and ready to strategize with your specific business goals in mind.
  • Takes the time to answer your various questions instead of just trying to sell you something.
  • Has extensive experience with various things digital.
  • Can demonstrate the return on your investment.
  • Can navigate the ever-changing marketing world and help you stand out among competitors.
  • Communicates promptly, thoroughly and with transparency.
  • Sets appropriate expectations and delivers on the promises
  • Takes the time to research and understand the industry your business operates in.
  • Enables you to have the time and focus to enjoy and grow your business.

What Can You Expect:

 Cost Savings, Superior Technical Expertise, Operational Speed and Efficiencies so you can focus on your team’s core competencies.

Your Personal Success Team

TechArk is a global team of over 100+ experts dedicated to the success of your small or medium business. Our team is our biggest difference.

Account Managers
Website Designers
Digital Marketers
Software Developers
24x7 Support
Project Managers
Automation Experts
Technical Experts

What to Expect / Our Process

Through timely communication and our four-phase process, our team ensures that your services are delivered on time and on budget. We strive to delight our partners.


Phase 1

Needs Analysis For Your Business


Phase 2

Research & Proposal Preparation

Email (1)

Phase 3

Project Initiation & Communication

Sharing Content

Phase 4

Project Completion & Launch

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    Digital marketing requires a lot of specialties. There are diverse skills needed based on the steps your small or medium business objectives need. Even though you hire a marketing manager, chances are they will need a team because one or two people cannot do everything needed for websites, search, social, video, email, blogs and more. We have worked hard to build a very strong team that is willing and ready to help.

    Word-of-mouth referrals are certainly one of the best ways to grow. In fact, TechArk has grown rapidly due to these referrals. But we also generate a lot of prospects online. A few leads in a year have changed the trajectory of our business. Your website and digital marketing is truly an investment. Even referrals will check out your online presence and it also helps with hiring.

    One of the biggest differentiators for TechArk is our desire to truly listen to your problems, understand your needs and craft unique solutions for your business. There is no obligation to purchase and we are not looking to sell you a cookie-cutter solution. Let’s schedule a call and just talk. We are sure you will leave extremely impressed. We will give you the clarity you seek.

    The specific number depends on many factors such as your industry, your competitors, the specific tactics we choose to implement and organic vs paid advertising etc. Let’s schedule a meeting so we can collect some essential details. Our team will then perform a comprehensive audit, do the necessary research and prepare a detailed proposal with the timelines and cost estimates.

    Absolutely. We have worked with hundreds of small or medium businesses and we are experienced with many industries. For your business, we will do a comprehensive research and suggest the next steps we need to take. We will build trust along the way and guide you through the process. You will see the results being delivered and your checklist of tasks getting shorter.

    Absolutely! With digital marketing there are so many tracking capabilities. We will be able to tell you where, when and how the users are engaging with your marketing and how many of them are converting to become a lead. Our reporting is simple and easy-to-understand. Once we get started on your campaign we can even set up tracking on goal conversions.

    - SEO and Paid Search to boost your business rankings in search engines. We also offer retargeting, geofencing, display advertising and programmatic advertising.

    - Organic and paid social media marketing along with reputation management.

    - Our content marketing services include video, blog writing and email marketing.

    Yes! In addition to offering digital marketing services, TechArk is a web design company. Our team of expert web designers are available to you 24x7. We can discuss if your existing website needs to be migrated to our hosting environment. We can also discuss design refresh or a complete rebuild of your website depending on your goals and the budget.

    As we discuss your needs, we will do a thorough research and suggest the appropriate digital marketing services. We will set the right expectations to start with. Our teams will keep you updated on our efforts and we are confident that our campaigns will deliver the ROI you expect.

    Yes, and we typically suggest starting in phases. After we research, we will give you an itemized proposal that lists out our management fees and the actual advertising budget. At the beginning of every project, we typically also include a strategy and a campaign set up phase. With your budget and goals in mind, we will guide you with the steps we need to take.

    The account manager we assign to you will communicate very promptly with you with any updates or any details we need from your end. As the campaigns start, we will be talking several times a week. Once the campaigns are underway, we will keep you posted. Our team is available whenever you have additional questions.

    We are sorry that your previous experiences did not meet your expectations. The reason we are so confident in our ability to deliver is primarily because of our team. You will see that we are personally driven to perform and delight our customers. We communicate promptly, work transparently and we deliver results.

    We use Basecamp for all project communication and we invite you as a client when the project kicks off. Our Account Manager will share updates as progress is made, generally every month but varies based on the scope.

    At the start of your project, we assign you an account manager who will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

    We have several team members within our digital marketing team who will work on your project but the account manager will serve as your primary point of contact.

    We are delighted to hear that. The next step is to schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out the form to speak with a member of our team. .

    We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the specific campaigns needed to generate remarkable results for your business.

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