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Mobile-friendly Website Design

Mobile-friendly Website Design

For a website to be truly responsive, it must be designed that way. At TechArk, we design responsive websites that transition seamlessly from desktop to tablet to mobile, maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Pull up any website on your desktop, and try shrinking the browser. How does it look? Now pull up the same site on your smartphone. Is the experience similar? Do you see all the text? Are the images clear? If so, the site is responsive. If not, give them our number.

The TechArk Approach

The TechArk Approach

Your customers expect your website to be functional and beautiful on any device they choose. TechArk Solutions creates responsive websites that adjust to fit any screen size so visitors have an optimal viewing experience on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Think of responsive web design as future-proofing for the changing digital landscape.

HTML5 is the next generation of HTML technology for building feature-rich websites with cross-platform potential. TechArk solutions uses HTML5 to create custom sites that display optimally on mobile devices and can be scaled up as your company evolves. If you’re preparing to revamp your website, mobile-friendly web design using HTML5 provides the best value, competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose a Responsive Website

Why Choose a Responsive Website?

  • Responsive websites have better SEO. Up-to-date, mobile-friendly websites may rank higher in search engines because they provide a better user experience.
  • Responsive websites are cost-effective. A responsive website adjusts to any screen size so you don’t have to create a separate, mobile-specific experience. TechArk Solutions will design a site that looks amazing on any device!
  • A mobile-friendly site keeps you competitive. Engaging users on their preferred devices is the key to expanding your market reach. If your competitor doesn’t have a responsive website yet, they will soon.
  • Your customers expect mobile-friendly web design. A recent study showed that nearly half of Google’s traffic comes from mobile users. If your site displays poorly on mobile devices, it’s much harder to retain and influence these visitors.
  • A responsive site will look great for years. Even as new devices are released, your adaptive website should continue to display beautifully.

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