At TechArk we believe in Giving Back, which is why we want to encourage ourselves and others to Do more, and Be more, Together.

We invite you to take a look around at our events, sponsorships, internships, and the relationships we’ve committed to building with our Norfolk neighbors.

We’ll see you around town.

Our Passion



Our thirst for knowledge is in our DNA. It is the largest unifying factor, the single driving force which brings us all together and keeps us coming back for more.

We will never stop exploring and we will always strive for improvement, because to stop growing is to stifle efficiency.



Every year we challenge ourselves to give back to the community that has been so generous to us. We prefer to use our superpowers for good, which is why we donate technologically to the digitally-deprived.

By taking on a non-profit project each year we do a lot of good, make some new friends, and remain active and engaged in the community.



We recognize potential when we see it, and then we do everything in our power to help it flourish. Our passion for paying it forward stems from our gratitude & desire to repay those who helped us grow. It’s why we fund students at local colleges and universities, and why we’re not afraid to take chances by hiring the young, the eager, the green.

Because if nobody ever gives you the chance, how can you change the world?

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