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Who: Festevents
Where: Waterside district & Town Point park
What: Party
When: All the time!

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TechArk is excited to announce that following our recent work with the local nonprofit Festevents, we’ve completed and launched their brand-new mobile app. Responsible for hosting dozens of events each year in Norfolk, Festevents is a big name around town and we were honored to be chosen for this important (and fun!) project.

Festevents was struggling to distinguish at which park an event was happening, and their users were confused – and lost! TechArk listened closely to the issues and challenges faced by the team at the nonprofit organization, then got to work designing and developing a mobile app solution to fit their needs.

We built a mobile app in which users can set preferences – including which park they live near. The app can then send push notifications to users when events are coming up at their preferred destination, highlighting special events or sending alerts for delays or cancellations. Festevents can even live stream big events or teasers.

Enhancing the event experience from day one, users are notified up an event nearby then are able to purchase tickets directly in the app, view maps and get directions … and party on.

Did we mention that’s only phase one?

We’re really excited about phase two. Rummaging through our bag of tricks, we pulled out geofencing and paired it with advanced bluetooth beacon technology for a truly unique experience. These tiny computers can be installed at different booths or locations (like restrooms) at an event. The beacons send signals to visitor’s smartphones when they arrive at the venue, initiating a virtual guided tour to help the user find what they are looking for quickly.

This geofencing creates a perimeter at the event, so that when a user enters the beacons trigger, and when the user exits the app prompts them to provide feedback to Festevents. As any business owner can tell you, feedback is invaluable when it comes to improving your customer’s experience.

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We thought phase one was pretty great … until we plotted out phase two. 2018 is going to be a festive year.

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