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    Techark Solutions specializes in developing mobile apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Windows Phone and Windows platforms. We have a track record of developing apps that have hit the top charts and won international awards.

    As of 2014, we are Xamarin Certified Mobile Developers!

    For cross-platform mobile applications for our clients, we heavily rely on Xamarin tools to deliver the best results (performance and user experience). Xamarin allows us to build apps that are truly cross-platform with compelling native user experiences (yes, it can be done). This also keeps the costs down as we can effectively share our code across all platforms. Needless to say, this helps us develop apps faster.

    Today, we are proud to announce our achievement of becoming a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer. This badge of approval from Xamarin illustrates our commitment towards cross-platform mobile development in iOS, Android and Windows. The certification exam is rigorous but preparing for it and going through the excellent material provided by Xamarin has made us better developers even for native iOS and Android development.

    At Techark Solutions, we continue to set a higher bar for ourselves and demonstrate our commitment to developing high quality mobile apps. Please visit our LinkedIn profile to know more about us and Contact Us to start discussing your mobile needs. We will guide you through the process as we have developed more than 10 of our own mobile apps and we know what it takes.


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