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How Consumers are Navigating the Holiday Price Wars

Mobile showrooming, which refers to the practice of viewing an item at a physical store and then shopping for the best price online, is being viewed as a threat by brick and mortar locations. And indeed, on the surface, there does seem to be some basis for that fear. Based of the economy of scale... Read more »

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4 ways to make your web design simple for your users

Web design should be user centric. This means that every aspect of your web design should mean that they are managing to make the action of their choice easier and faster than before. And to do this you should first manage to make your design simple. By doing this you’re making life easier for your... Read more »

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5 reasons why apps are uninstalled by the users

There are several reasons why a person may install a mobile application. Amazing features, excellent functionality and smooth user experience are just a few among them. On the contrary, there can be various reasons why users uninstall an app. Here are some common reasons why the users uninstall the apps: 1.The app freezes: Sluggish performance... Read more »

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