Mobile App Development Using Agile Technologies

Aug 17, 2015

Are you familiar with “agile” software development? If not, this is a term you should know as you navigate the world of mobile app development. After all, the process by which your mobile app is developed will have a big impact on the success of your project, your budget, and your level of satisfaction. When you work with a development team that embraces agile development, you’ll likely benefit from a commitment to collaboration, communication, and flexibility.

But what is agile development?

Agile development is concerned with several areas of the mobile app development process, which you can learn about by reading the Agile Manifesto. In short, agile developers prioritize individuals and interactions, functional software that achieves its goal, customer collaboration, and responding to change. Face-to-face communication, good design, simplicity, and self-evaluation are essential.

Agile mobile app development starts with discovery, where developers discuss your needs and take the time to learn about your business, competitors, and clients. Developers then create and prioritize a backlog of features for the mobile app. They typically work in sprints, completing one section of the backlog at a time. Each sprint allows time for testing, evaluation, and improvements. The cycle continues until everyone is satisfied!

How does agile development help my business?

As a business owner or IT manager, you likely know the value of developing a clear plan and list of priorities before beginning a project. But you also know the value of open communication and the willingness to change quickly if something isn’t working. Agile development brings this efficiency and flexibility to software and mobile app development. Often, it can save you time and money. For some business owners, the most important result of agile development is avoiding the headache of miscommunication, unnecessary features, and missed deadlines.

If agile development sounds like it makes a lot of sense, find a team of agile mobile app developers who uphold these principles. The best part of agile development is that it helps both developers and their clients to work and collaborate effectively. That means happier developers and a better product.

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