Introducing Katie Redford — TechArk Account Manager

katie-imgKatie Redford is TechArk’s Account Manager, bringing together businesses with TechArk’s website solutions. As a skilled sales consultant with years of experience across industries, Katie brings an innate talent to identify a business’ needs and then tailors a website solution that fits their unique brand (not just cookie cutter websites that look like the guy next door). Katie’s energy, ideas, and personality are infectious—if you haven’t met her, you’re missing out.

What’s the most exciting part of being on the TechArk team?
I love it when I get to know the true culture of what’s behind a company name. To me, meeting the people behind the scenes and learning each company’s story of how it got to where it is is the exciting part of this job. Of course, helping to capture this in the feel of the website is really fun as well.

Describe a favorite moment or project working here at TechArk.
There is nothing better in life than when our expectations are exceeded on every level. Meeting Pratik and the entire TechArk team was that moment for me!

What’s your favorite place in the 757?
The beach—sunrise or sunset. There is no better reminder of how being connected to nature grounds us in this busy, technology-filled world.

Name your favorite app these days (besides our TechArk apps, of course).
My go-to app is Pandora. You can use it anywhere you need a little music in your life. Pair it with a wireless speaker, and you are good to go!

What’s your loyalty—iOS, Android, or Windows?
Apple iOS

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