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How to Increase Revenue by Offering Online Gift Cards

Offering online gift cards on your website is a great additional source of revenue, especially for restaurants. Unfortunately, many businesses are unsure of how to implement online gift cards and miss out. TechArk has worked with dozens of restaurants in Hampton Roads and has found multiple solutions for easily adding online gift cards to their new websites. Below we will dive deeper into the methods we have used and the pros and cons of each.

1. External Link

The first method is to incorporate a button on your website that links to a third party gift card service. This requires the restaurant to create an account with the gift card provider prior to implementation.



2. Onsite Gift Card Processing

The second option is to integrate gift card processing within your website using a payment processor such as PayPal. This can be done by embedding the PayPal API within a form on your website. An account with PayPal is also required prior to implementation for this method. When embedding gift card orders on your site, credit card processing is necessary. TechArk can make sure that the third party provider is still responsible for processing payments, removing PCI compliance responsibility from the restaurant.



TechArk has experience with both methods of incorporating online gift cards. If you are considering adding gift card functionality to your restaurant’s website, contact us to help determine which method would work best for your business.

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