How to Improve SEO in just 5 Minutes a Day

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Small businesses need all the help they can get—and some corporate companies need guidance, too—especially with SEO.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the method of improving your website’s organic (unpaid) ranking on sites like Google. The higher your site ranks, the more potential customers will see you, and hopefully click!

That click is the first step of conversion, the process by which a casual internet user becomes a paying customer.

TechArk performs advanced SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for our clients, but we realize there are lots of local businesses in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Richmond who just need a little advice.

Improve your SEO in 5 minutes a day!

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1. Perform a broken link check on your site and correct any that you find.

2. Review your list of pages. Do you have too many, or not enough?

   a. Too many: Go through and create a steady plan to consolidate content

   b. Not enough: Draft a little map of your site pages, and create a steady plan to gradually write and add the pages you’re lacking.

3. Install a simple SEO plugin (we like Yoast) and spend 5 minutes each day writing unique titles and descriptions for each page.

4. Create a blog, if you don’t already have one.

   a. List the most frequently asked questions by your customers

   b. Write a post to address each (300-500 words is fine)

   c. Publish these original articles on your blog 2-3x per month

   d. Share the links on your business’ social media profiles

5. Install Google Analytics (it’s free!) for invaluable insights to user behavior

   a. Create a thank you page for contact forms to track submissions

6. Review site content (pages, old blog posts, etc.) for opportunities to update the content, include new keywords, add new images, and link to other pages on-site.

7. Always title your images with descriptive file names and add alt tags for the visually-impaired

8. Review your competitors’ websites if you haven’t already

   a. Are they ranking higher than you?

   b. What keywords are they using?

We could go on ...

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… but that list should take you a while to work through, especially at the rate of 5 minutes a day! The key with SEO is to commit to slow and steady progress.

Because there is no money boosting this unique marketing effort, hard work and elbow grease are truly the only effective strategy to improve SEO. In fact, too much work too quickly could cause search engines to label your site as spam, dropping you in the rankings like a stone. We don’t want that.

Try out the tried-and-true techniques above, and watch as your site slowly begins climbing the rankings over the next year (and further, if you keep at it). If it’s all Geek to you, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for!

Call Team TechArk when you need SEO support, STAT.

We don’t want to leave the competition COMPLETELY in the dust …

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