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Website Design + Development Wordpress is an easy web software for making websites simple and beautiful. It comes with many great features and it is easy for the developers and beginners to get start with it. Whether you have been using wordpress since a long time or you are a new user, there are some hidden wordpress features many are unaware about it and might be helpful to you. So lets check out those hidden features of wordpress! 1)Sticky Posts: As the name says this feature will help you in displaying your post on the front page of your designated part. If you think that some post are more popular than others and it might create a lot of traffic then this is the best feature of wordpress. You can take the advantage of this feature by clicking the Edit link next to the Visibility option of your post’s Publish section. Check the box that reads “Stick this post to the front page and your post will be displayed on the designated part of your page. This feature is not utilized as many are unaware about it. 2)Scheduling Posts: This is another hidden and great feature of Wordpress. This feature helps the bloggers to publish their posts automatically on the website. Instead of publishing manually and sometimes they might forget to publish it, this feature will be the savior. Scheduling post for can be enabled by clicking the Edit link next to the Publish Immediately option, which is located in the Publish section to the right of your post draft. Select the time and date when you want the post to go live and click OK. The Publish button will now read as Schedule. Click it to activate your scheduled settings. You can always update the timing by clicking the Edit link once again. This feature will save the valuable time of many bloggers. 3)Featured Image: This feature comes handy when you want to display an image relating to your blog post on your website. There is no need to resize the picture because feature image will perform this task and will create a thumbnail which you can easily share it on social networking sites. 4)Screen Options: There are many hidden features under the Screen options tab in the right hand corner of different sections. Some of the options available are: Excerpts, which will allow you to create extract of your posts, Slug, for editing the URL of the post and including desired keywords and making it SEO friendly, Author, for changing the post’s author if you have many contributors etc. These features are hidden as many are unaware or they don’t know how to utilize it. So, now you are aware about the hidden and awesome features of Wordpress, so start using them now and take the advantage of these features.
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