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Some hidden features of Windows 8

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Upgraded to Windows 8? Cool, so now let’s start to know some hidden but amazing features of Windows 8, which you might have missed out. Windows 8 might take some time to get used to it, but the desktop works very much like Windows 7.

So below are some hidden and amazing features of Windows 8 you probably haven’t found yet:

1)Secret Start Menu: Yes, you read it right. There’s a secret start menu in Windows 8. Right click on the lower left hand corner of the screen and a menu with quick links to the Task manager, Control panel and other key areas will appear. From this menu you can search for files, open the file explorer or launch the run box etc.

2)Two things at a time: Windows7 allowed you to separate windows to the side of the screens, but windows 8 goes further. In windows 8 you can dock up start page apps to the right or left edge display and they will switch to a special mini mode at the same time. So this means that you can keep an eye on your facebook timeline while working on photoshop. To do this Click and drag the top of any Windows 8 app to the side of the screen to dock it, then drag out the black border bar to restore the full-screen view.

3)Sync just got easier: IF you have just upgraded to Windows8, you might be using your old user accounts then you might not be aware about the features available with new Windows ID. Sign in with your Microsoft services Id that you use for Hotmail/Outlook. This will make syncing of emails, pictures easier and it will also transfer your Windows8 settings and preference if you are signing from different location.

4)Shut Down in an easy way: In Windows8 shutting down of the pc is more drawn out. The shortcut is the same as in the older versions of Windows.Simply press Alt+F4 and then hit enter or you can chose an alternative from the drop down.

5)Screen shots: In Windows 7 snipping tool was used to take a screenshot, its still there in Windows8, but there is a simple way to take a screen shot by pressing the Windows key and the PrtScn together and a png image will be automatically saved into your Pictures Library.

Great, you have just uncovered some hidden features of Windows8, so now you can work on Windows8 like a pro.

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