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Ahh, nostalgia. Like a sweet stroll down a familiar path, who doesn’t enjoy a look back through yesteryear? Join us as TechArk revisits a longtime client and work BFF, in our latest Client Spotlight.

Ready, set, shine!

United Solution is a broadband consulting company providing services primarily to the hospitality industry. Their array of versatile products and services are custom-tailored to each client, ensuring that all needs and requirements are met.

At TechArk, we LOVE fellow tech geeks, particularly when we get to work with them. We’ve partnered with other technology companies in the past, providing them with websites, apps, web portals, API solutions, and more, and we look forward to doing it again! Talk techy to us, and we’re yours.

When United Solution was ready to update their digital presence, they knew exactly who to call. TechArk was eager to help, redesigning their website with a much-needed visual refresh. With a clean, modern design and clear, aesthetic photography, the site was already looking better. But we didn’t stop there.

Our graphic design team works with many variables in mind, taking into account screen size, content updates, and User Interface & Experience (UI/UX). Designing for the user means that we don’t leave dead-ends, broken links, or endless loops for potential customers to get lost in – because then they leave. Preventing these things increases the likelihood of a user converting to a customer, along with responsiveness…

…which is why we prefer to build our websites on WordPress. It is a mobile-friendly CMS – meaning it adjusts to screen-size, and it also allows for easy content changes. Now the United Solution team can make changes on the fly, and when potential customers visit the site on mobile devices it automatically shrinks to fill the space available, regardless of operating system or version/update status. As more users browse on smartphones, iPads, and tablets, we cannot overstate the importance of this!

In addition to designing and developing the website, we also designed the custom icons you’ll see throughout the site, and acted as consultants on the site content, curating text, images, and other media to populate the site.

But the real masterpiece, the clincher, the coup de grace, was the ticketing system. As a technology company providing internet services to commercial customers, support requests are a Big Deal for United Solution. They needed a way for customers to easily send requests to the IT team, who in turn needed a way to organize, prioritize, and respond to said requests.

We delivered a seamless system; onboarding tickets, tracking requests, and archiving them when completed. Now the brainiacs at United Solution have a way to organize and maintain their support tickets, while their customers receive prompt updates and uninterrupted service.

It’s been a few years since we finished the project, but we’ve kept in touch. United Solutions has retained TechArk’s services since launch, utilizing us for maintenance and system updates.

BFFs forever!

Contact TechArk for custom digital solutions to complicated real-world problems. We’re here to help.

Join us as we look back at long time client and friend United Solution.

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