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Ever wondered what questions, if any, you should be asking your Google Ads Agency? We're here to help. The article video below reviews the three most important questions to ask your PPC Agency to ensure that your business is protected and set up for long-term success with paid online advertising campaigns.

We've found that not asking these questions could cost your company thousands of dollars per month in wasted ad spend and management fees.




Question #1: Does your business own your Google Ad account?

When companies reach out to TechArk to improve the performance of their Google Ads account, we often see one common mistake - most businesses do not actually own their own Google Ad account! 

If your business doesn't own your own Google Ad account, that means that your PPC agency owns all of the data related to your campaigns. This can result in your company losing access to extremely valuable data should you ever choose to partner with a new agency or move your Google Ads management in-house. Not having ownership of past campaign performance data related to ad copy, keywords, search terms, and other extremely valuable elements of your campaigns means you'll have to start your new campaigns entirely from scratch!

So, please ask your agency, “Does my business own this ad account, or does the agency own the ad account?” If your agency owns the account, we strongly suggest that you ask the agency to transfer account ownership over to you and your business. Your Google Ads agency will still be able to operate out of the account but if you ever want to change PPC agencies all the data, all of the learning and all the performance history in that ad account will still be available to you and your business.

Question #2: What is your agency's Google Ads management fee?

In other words, if you are paying $6,000 a month for Google Ads, how much of that $6,000 is going to Google to display the ads, and how much is your agency taking as its management fee?

We recently had a business contact us who was spending $6,000 a month to run Google Ads. This business thought that their Google Ads agency was charging $500 a month to manage the ads, and $5,500 a month was going to Google to actually display the ads, but the business never asked their agency to make sure this was correct.

After TechArk investigated this for them, we found that their agency was taking $3,000 a month to manage the ads.

All along this business thought they were getting about $5,500 worth of exposure. Turns out they were getting only $3,000 worth of exposure because their agency was taking half of their ad spend to actually manage their ads. So please, ask your agency how much of my ad budget is going to Google to show the ads? And how much is the agency charging to manage the ads?

Question #3: Who is actually managing your ads, and are they Google certified?

It is very common for agencies to outsource their Google Ads management to companies in other states, or even other countries.

If you haven't asked your Google Ads agency who is actually managing your account this could mean that the agency that you are trusting to help you grow your business may not be the agency that's actually in your account every single day, making changes to those ads.

You should also ask if the person managing your ads is Google certified. Meaning, have they passed Google's rigorous tests, and are they up-to-date on the latest industry standards?

To be honest with you, anyone with an internet connection could easily head to YouTube today and watch a few hours worth of videos about Google Ads and after a while, they would know how to create a Google Ads account, how to add keywords to the account, how to add ad copy to the account, and how to get some ads up and running, but that does not mean that they would be experienced enough to run a well-executed Google Ads campaign that will have a meaningful impact on your business.

So please ask your agency these two important questions: first, is the person managing my ads an employee of your agency, or are you outsourcing ad management to another company? And second, is the person managing my ads Google certified? 

What to do next?

Ask your agency these questions  - you might just be surprised at the answers you get.

If you’re struggling to see impactful results from your Google Ads campaigns schedule a complimentary Google Ads review with us. Based on our Google Ads expertise we are likely to find several opportunities to improve your campaign's results!


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