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Congratulations Dude!

At TechArk, our mission is always to continue learning, growing, and improving. We stay on top of industry trends and updates for our clients, so they can focus on running their businesses. It’s NBD to us, just a part of our daily routines.

But sometimes, something awesome comes happens, and shakes up everything. Last month, our young grasshopper SEO specialist made great strides in his career, by earning a Google Display Ads certification. 

Good Job, Naresh!

After weeks of grueling studying and hours spent in the glow of his laptop, consuming video after video of Google training information, Naresh has succeeded where so many others have failed, and we couldn’t be more proud.

The Display Ads certification falls under the Google AdWords umbrella, and Naresh isn’t the only one stepping up. Two of our other specialists maintain Display Ads certifications, and one also has a Search Ads certification, making us feel pretty darn special.

We were already Google Partners, but we love knowing that we are even better equipped now with additional knowledge, tools, and assets which we can’t wait to put to work for our clients.

Congratulations! You earned it.

Our young student will soon become the master. Congratulations Naresh, on your recent Google certification! We knew you could do it.

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