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A locally owned and operated waste disposal and recycling company, Bay Disposal & Recycling was looking for ways to get their business noticed and create a niche within the competitive waste management industry.



  • Norfolk and Hampton, VA

The Challenge

Bay Disposal & Recycling needed help improving their web presence, promoting their business services through various channels, and demonstrating their dedication to keeping the community a clean and eco-friendly place to live.


The Solution

TechArk revamped Bay Disposal & Recycling’s existing website to make it fully optimized and mobile-friendly, created a customized, innovative app, provided a paid advertising strategy that included Facebook ads, and implemented updated search engine optimization tactics.


With TechArk’s guidance, Bay Disposal & Recycling quickly became well-known for their variety of services—including dumpster rentals, which is not a commonly known service but is highly needed by individuals and businesses—as well as their caring commitment to the environment and the communities they serve. By working as their strategic marketing partner, TechArk created a unique persona for Bay Disposal & Recycling that customers and prospects found appealing, leading to increased awareness, a rapidly growing customer base, and profound respect from community leaders.

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