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Redesigning your Website to Better your Business

As the internet has continually gained popularity and importance, businesses have turned to the web as another marketplace to represent their companies and sell their products. Many organizations create their website and have not updated them since. These businesses tend to believe that having an old website is better than having no website at all, but ultimately an outdated website can be doing more harm than good. Redesigning your business’s website can help solve many of your organization’s needs.

Staying Relevant & Gaining Exposure
Your business is always evolving. Redesigning your site is an opportunity to showcase these updates as well as revamp the design to drive more traffic to your website and encourage customers to visit your brick and mortar locations.

Increasing Incoming Leads
Updating your website’s design gives you the chance to make your website more user-friendly in addition to incorporating the latest technology and design trends to encourage your users to engage and convert.

Revenue Growth
Redesigning your website is also the perfect time to fix any ongoing bugs and is more cost effective than just patching the issues. Additionally, during the redesign is an ideal opportunity to add new elements such as new products to your website. Between cutting costs, introducing new products and more inbound leads there is no doubt your revenue will grow.

Creating a new website can help your business get out of a slump and allows you the freedom to recreate your image. Your new website will support you in correcting the issues that were holding your business back in the past and focus on future success. Partner with TechArk for your business’s web design needs to ensure your redesigned website is the best possible result.

Website Security: How to Gain User Trust and Strengthen SEO

Website Security: How to Gain User Trust and Strengthen SEO

With the increasing recent data security breaches in the news being brought to light, users are wearier than ever before about their personal data being compromised. Having a secure website shows customers you can be trusted. If your current website shows as “Not Secure” it is likely you are losing users. 82% of survey participants responded that they would leave a site that is flagged as “Not Secure” according to Hubspot research.

If your website isn’t secure users won’t be the only thing you are missing out on. Website security is a ranking factor for SEO. While it is one of many factors responsible for SEO, website security alone won’t guarantee your website a first-page position, however having a secure website can edge out your competition.

The best method to maintain a secure website is to implement HTTPS protocols. Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) allows for secure communication between a user’s computer and your website, protecting the integrity and confidentiality of a user’s data. Data sent with HTTPS has three layers of security: encryption, data integrity, and authentication. Encryption ensures that hackers are unable to read and understand any data exchanged. Data integrity blocks the data from being changed or corrupted without being noticed and authentication proves that users were communicating with the intended site and protects against attacks from occurring during the data exchange.

When implementing HTTPS security practices it is necessary to obtain an SSL security certificate issued by a Certificate Authority. The Certificate Authority will take steps to prove your web address belongs to your organization as another protection against attacks in the middle of user’s session. It is important to decide which type of certificate is appropriate for your business, single domain, multi-domain or wildcard.

Other necessary elements for implementing HTTPS include redirecting users and search engines to pages with the HTTPS certificate using 301 server-side error code and ensuring your HTTPS website is crawlable and can be indexed by Google. This can be achieved by not using robot.txt files to block your pages or by not using noindex tags in the page’s metadata. You can validate your website is indexed with Google’s URL Inspection Tool.

Having a secure website is a necessity for all businesses nowadays. It enhances your website’s SEO ranking for increased exposure and gives your users a sense of trust. There are a few simple methods that can be implemented to ensure your website is secure. All custom made websites created by TechArk employ these security techniques and more.

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The top reasons why your website needs a heatmap and scrollmap analysis

A website is a critical tool for any business trying to reach consumers. It is a digital doorway visitors can access from anywhere and at any time to learn more about a company’s products and/or services, and hopefully make a purchase.


heatmapThe best ways to make sure your website is doing the most effective job it can is by using technology to perform a heatmap and/or scrollmap analysis. On the most basic level, a heatmap tracks visitors’ mouse/cursor movements and clicks on each page. It creates a color-coded map that shows where people were drawn to the most, where they lingered the longest, and what they ignored.


A scrollmap is a variation of a heatmap, showing if visitors to your website scrolled down “below the fold” of what can be seen when visiting each page and again, tracking where they scrolled, where they lingered, and what they did not view.


While it’s important to note what features, links and calls to action are attracting the most attention on your website, it is just as important to understand what people aren’t attracted to. A heatmap and scrollmap analysis provides you with both sides of the equation, and gives you an opportunity to adjust your strategy and potentially eliminate clutter from your site. This is where a professional website development company like TechArk Solutions can not only provide a thorough heatmap/scrollmap analysis of all of the pages on your website, they can make expert recommendations on how to improve the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of your site.


It’s important to note that while a heatmap/scrollmap analysis can identify target spots on your website that could use further exploration, they cannot automatically create design solutions or make business decisions for you. The experienced team at TechArk stays on top of current trends and can provide the recommendations your site will need to make its performance stellar. Their design team can then implement those recommendations, working directly with you to keep your brand voice active and pertinent. In addition, TechArk can also assist you with digital marketing to help increase traffic to your improved site.


Website Speed: Why it Impacts User Experience and SEO

Have you ever navigated to a website just to wait for it to load for what seems like forever? Us too. Google has found that 53% of users will abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. With Google’s mobile-first indexing strategy, the speed and responsiveness of your website are more important than ever.

Not only is a slow loading website off-putting to a user, but it is also a major factor in determining a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Websites with slower speeds or load times tend to have higher bounce rates which decrease overall time spent on the site. With poor user engagement, it is unlikely that it will be displayed in the top pages of Google search results, missing out on valuable qualified website users.

When Google runs your site through its Page Speed Insights tool it gives your website a performance score between 0-100. If your website receives a score of 90 or above it is considered fast. Only 10% of websites achieve this goal. A speed score between 50-90 is average while a score below 50 is considered slow. The best indication of a well-performing website is a score of 85 or higher.

Check your website’s speed here: Page Speed Insights Tool

Examples of Speed Scores from some of the most popular websites:

Wikipedia 98
Pandora 97
LinkedIn 93
PayPal 90


Page Speed Insights will also categorize your website into one of three buckets: Slow, Average or Fast based off two metrics, First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Input Delay (FID). FCP measures the amount of time between navigation and when the browser renders the first bit of content while FID measures the amount of time between when a user first interacts with a website, such as a click, and when the browser is able to respond to the action. Below are the thresholds the Page Speed Insights tool uses to categorize each site.

FCP[0, 1000ms][1000ms, 2500ms]Over 2500ms
FID[0, 50ms][50ms, 250ms]Over 250ms

For your site to be categorized as fast, both the FCP and FID must meet the requirements, while for your website categorized as slow either FCP or FID have to be within the above slow threshold. For all other cases, websites are placed in the Average Speed bucket. There are some best practices that can be used to help increase your website speed. Some include:

  • Cleaning your code to remove unnecessary commas, spaces or other characters
  • Compressing large your HTML, CSS, and Javascript files.
  • Reducing redirects
  • Using browser cache for returning users

When TechArk designs websites for our clients we leverage these techniques and more to ensure your new website is always front and center when it matters most. Learn more about TechArk’s custom Web Design & Development solutions.

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