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It is no surprise that to obtain a large quantity of web traffic it is necessary to have your Virginia Beach business’s website listed as high on a Google search results page as possible. One way to achieve this is by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), allowing search engines to rank your website’s relevance for users’ searches. When partnering with TechArk, we strive to create an SEO strategy that will help your website be listed top-of-the-page every time.

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Content Strategy

Captivating content is necessary for capturing your target audiences’ attention. TechArk’s team of digital marketers will research and create content for your website that is relevant to users and search engines alike.

Link Building

Having strong connections to other sites on the web aids search engines in determining how relevant your business in Virginia Beach is to users’ searches. Our team will ascertain the best places on the web for backlinks to your website for maximum exposure.

Local SEO

Our SEO team’s main goal is to drive the right customers to find your business and complete any desired action such as sign up online, contact you for more information or come in for a visit.

Audience Targeting

The main purpose of SEO is to increase exposure to gain legitimate traffic. With the increased visibility to your target audience getting clicks to convert becomes effortless.

Ranking Factors

SEO best practices change constantly. Team TechArk will focus on keeping your website’s optimization always updated for continued conversion captures. We employ multiple methods of optimization both on and off the page such as link building and keyword-rich content creation as tools to gain visibility for search engines and qualified leads alike.

Team Collaboration

The key to SEO success is collaboration. We will work with teams from all departments within your organization to gain a complete understanding of your business in Virginia Beach for the best possible result.

Technical SEO

Are search engines having difficulty crawling your website? Our experienced SEO team will update your website’s structure to establish a foundation of Technical SEO and increase the visibility of your Virginia Beach business.

SEO plans are completely individualized to each business. TechArk will complete a full analysis of your Virginia Beach business to create a plan that will be the most effective for you. No matter where you are in the process we are here to help.

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