Security and 508 Compliance

As part of our website design and development service is ensuring that security and compliance matters are addressed. Our clients matter and we want to protect your information and ensure that you’re up to par from a compliance standpoint.

Website Maintenance

Security Matters To Us

No one wants to be hacked, and your site needs to build trust; everyone wants to be protected  from cyber attacks.

  • We add an extra level of security to our websites that prevents brute force login attacks and also takes care of the file system and database security.
  • All of our sites use SSL. SSL sites are friendly to search  engines and the presence of an SSL certificate improves the positioning/ranking of the site.
Website Maintenance

508 Compliance

All ICT (information and communication technology) used and obtained by the federal government and all its departments and agencies must follow accessibility guidelines. Under Section 508, it is required that all disabled members have the same access available to others. TechArk knows the law and can help your website with compliancy.

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