Making the most of User Experience Design (UX)

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User Experience Design (UX)

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    Engage customers with great design

    Engage customers with great design

    User Experience (UX) design refers to graphic design that leads users along a path through your website. As the user is guided through a set flow, the ultimate goal is to achieve a conversion. This could mean that the user signs up for your newsletter, fills out a contact form, or even makes a purchase. Typically, a user requires much persuasion before converting and becoming a customer.

    User Experience Strategy and Concept

    User Experience Strategy and Concept

    User Experience Strategy and Concept refers to the information gathering phase, in which TechArk’s graphic design team learns everything there is to know about your business and customers. With this information we are able to design with your goals in mind, as well as those of your audience. When we know what they seek we can present it to them quickly and easily, that’s what is known as a positive user experience.

    User Interface Design

    User Interface Design

    User Interface Design includes the wireframe (outline), layout, and mockup of your new website or app. During this phase of UX Design, we plot out that user flow and determine what it will look like. Everything is carefully considered—from the color scheme to the fonts used. Even the hover behavior of buttons is scrutinized closely.

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