Software Integration

At TechArk, we pride ourselves on our software development capabilities, and we retain a number of software engineers on our teams. Most businesses rely on multiple software and online solutions within their company to address the specific needs for each department. We help you connect the dots between these different systems which in turn allows you to create incredible process automation for your employees and increase their efficiency. These integrations can also be used to generate executive dashboards or real-time reporting to provide an accurate picture of your business.

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Our Solutions

Let’s talk about your business here. Do you have an email marketing platform that doesn’t talk to your CRM system, your CRM system doesn’t connect with your inventory or project management platform. Your customer service helpdesk is yet another software. Oh, there is more software that you need to handle your Accounting, Human Resources, IT Management. Your employees live in silos because these systems don’t connect and several hours get wasted in simply trying to make sense of your data and keep your inefficient processes running. This is exactly where TechArk steps in. Let us demonstrate to you how we have solved this problem for our customers including Liebherr, Ivy Ventures, WM Jordan and several others.

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Benefits of Our Software Integration Services

One of the key differentiators for TechArk is that we have used several of these systems for our own business. When we struggled with inefficiency, we thought of automation and integrated the systems to help us out. With our experience and our curiosity, we bring you the same passion of problem-solving when we work on your project. We will take the time to understand the current status. If we need to suggest newer, modern alternatives to your applications, we will do that as well. There are wonderful applications available that solve a particular need but you have to keep an integration mindset so your company continues to grow in harmony.

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