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Cloud Software Development
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For those who really value flexibility in their business arrangements, a cloud-based application might be the answer to your digital prayers. Similar to web apps, a cloud app is also like a portal, but the main difference is that a cloud app is built online, to be used online. Like a futon, this versatile bit of technology is built differently, and capable of fulfilling multiple needs.

Cloud Software Application Graphic

The Sky’s the Limit

Because a cloud app is wholly online and hosted by multiple servers, it possesses a unique agility, and availability that can be scaled up or down depending on the demand. This feature makes a cloud app very quick, as it lives in whatever server is the most efficient at the time.

Additionally, ongoing maintenance for a cloud-based app is far more affordable than more traditional native apps.

Cloud Software Application Graphic

Benefits of our Cloud Application Services

The world of Cloud Computing is innovating at lightspeed. Almost every day, there are new features and functionalities being developed for the public and the private cloud. TechArk stays current on these advancements and can guide you in how you can leverage the numerous features available within this new paradigm. We have expertise within all the popular cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and we can help you understand how you can grow faster, do more, and create an edge over your competition. Solutions around Security, Affordable and Redundant Data Storage, Event-Driven Processing, On-Demand Computing, and Service Integration are just a few of the many advantages your business should be leveraging to propel you forward.

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