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Automation Software
What is Automation Software

What is Automation Software?

Automation software can integrate disparate platforms and systems to connect data across your entire organization. TechArk not only understands how to make different platforms “talk” to each other, our software automation engineers specialize in creating automation software that makes platform conversations interesting. Automation software encompasses:

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is a software engineering process that merges codebase changes from a shared code repository throughout a business day. The merge process creates and maintains a single verified codebase. Running the process repeatedly allows quality control measures to be applied to the incoming data in smaller batches, which is far more efficient than applying the same quality measures to a larger batch of data at greater time intervals.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment

Similar to continuous integration, continuous deployment sends tested data or codebases to either pre-production or production environments. By establishing a documented and reproducible process to manage deployments, the quality and throughput for the deployment increases because there are fewer chances of missed tasks that would result in an under-performing or reduced-functionality system. Through continuous deployment, all applications can be updated regularly, ensuring that all updates overwrite previous versions of data sets.

Automated Software Testing

Automated Software Testing

Automated software testing inspects actual system outcomes against predicted outcomes to ensure functionality for software systems is delivered within established thresholds. Within the last decade, as the variety of platforms for accessing applications has exploded, executing tests against multiple platforms and operating environments has become a critical factor to ensure that the maximum number of end-users are able to access and interact with the systems. Automated software testing tools can “force multiply” the testing efforts of humans to execute the same series of tests simultaneously across the desired target systems.

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