Progressive Web Apps

Providing an app-like experience delivered through your website

Progressive Web Apps
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What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) use common web technologies intended to work on any platform. TechArk will work with you to determine your needs, then provide a PWA that helps your site visitors get the most out of their online experience with you.

Image shows a basic feature of progressive web app development that is delivered by Techark Solutions is that they're responsive to any device.

What makes them progressive?

Progressive Web Apps have a number of common characteristics:

  • They can work for any user regardless of the web browser your visitors are using.
  • They are responsive enough to fit any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop devices.
  • They make re-engagement with your visitors possible through features like push notifications.
  • Your visitors can add apps to their home screen they find most useful without downloading them through an app store.
  • They can be easily shared via a unique URL.
Image features the usp of progressive web apps developed by Techark Solutions to help its clients to stay ahead of their competitors.

Why are Progressive Web Apps important?

For one thing, PWAs are more cost effective than creating custom apps from scratch. Plus, they combine the best features of apps with the convenience of the web to provide visitors to your site with a quality experience.

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