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Custom Display Ads

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    What is Display Advertising?

    What is Display Advertising?

    Display Advertising refers to visual advertising on websites, social media, and even apps using text, logos, animations, videos, photographs, or other graphics. TechArk is skilled at creating eye-catching, engaging Display Ads, including Site Placement Advertising, Contextual Advertising, and Remarketing.

    Why display ads

    Why display ads?

    Display Ads are clickable so they can capture attention and direct visitors to take action. They seamlessly link your visitors to a specific page within your website that provides additional information about the product or service you are highlighting, such as a promotional item or a hot-selling, in-demand offering.

    Data you can learn from

    Data you can learn from

    By being clickable, Display Ads generate analytic information about the success rate of your message. By reviewing and understanding this data, TechArk can track, analyze, and fine-tune your message to better reach the target audience you seek.

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