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You have a solid team who works hard, but you’re not seeing the growth you expected. If you and your team are ready to level-up but feel stuck in the same lower-level rut, then it sounds like you need a Strategic Plan for Growth.

If your company is quickly outgrowing your software it may be time to bring in a professional. TechArk feels your growing pains because we’ve been there—we’ve more than tripled in six years! Our software development team specializes in custom software development as well as cloud and web applications.

Bonus: we have a resident genius but shh he’s shy.

Case Study:
Whitner's BBQ

Saving Time, Improving your Business.

Website Design & No-Fee Online Orders

Whitner's needed a new site and no-fee online ordering. TechArk cooked up something special.

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We've got the knowledge, the tools,
and most importantly, the to deliver.

Your Business

website design website development

Website & App Development & Support:

Update your web or mobile app for easy day-to-day changes and an improved visitor experience.
Software Development & Support:

Software Development, Maintenance & Support:

Software development, integrations, updates, plugins, and custom-creations are all within our wheelhouse.
Process Automation

Process Management & Automation:

Streamline your software operations and save time by automating simple, repetitive tasks, freeing up resources.
Website & App Development & Support


Up your game by spreading the word far and wide with custom messaging that is loud and clear, targeted precisely to your audience.
Search Engine Optimization


Rise in search engine rankings with organic SEO or shoot to the top with paid ads targeted to those looking for services like yours.
Social Media Ads

Digital Marketing:

Google Analytics can tell our Google Gurus which pages of your website are pulling their weight … and which are holding you back.

Your Growth

You know it’s time. TechArk can provide the support you need to grow strategically.

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