United Atlantic Mortgage

We Listened

United Atlantic Mortgage approached TechArk with a desperate plea: clean up and combine their two small websites into one polished, professional site that would reassure customers of their business legitimacy and trustworthiness. TechArk knew just what to do.

The Insight

Neither of the old sites had much in the way of content, which meant that users felt lost, search engines weren’t interested, and we as an agency had to whip up this masterpiece from scratch.

We Solved

We designed a simple visual interface to guide users along through the site, providing a much-needed helping hand for a very complicated topic. Our content specialist reviewed UAM’s loan programs, did some research, and wrote all the copy for the site, while our developers got started bringing the designs to life on screens of all sizes.

The Results

UAM has never looked or sounded better, and since they’ve retained our services for digital marketing. In phase one of our AdWords campaign for them, UAM received # of conversions.