Time on Target

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We Listened

TechArk has an edgy side, we just don’t show it much. We let our wild side run rampant for this project, however, partnering with RedZone Tactical to develop an app to assist in training during shooting drills. RedZone knew the app needed to offer multiple opponents, numerous Courses of Fire, and built-in audio to call out drills. Most importantly, a Shot Timer to record your shots as they were fired and track the time, was a critical element for any gunslinger.

TechArk dusted off our cowboy boots and got down to business…after our experienced iOS developers calmed down just a bit.

We Solved

We developed a configurable shot timer within the app to automatically track the various times as shots were fired, so the bandit…er, shooter, could see their response time.

Holster your smartphone and tie up at your local shooting range when you’re ready to improve your accuracy, response time, and have a rootin’ tootin’ time!