Therapeutic Interventions

We Listened

Therapeutic Interventions approached TechArk in need of some loving digital care. The Accredited Community Mental Health & Foster Care Agency was outgrowing its website and needed a new home. Besides updating their appearance, Therapeutic Interventions was struggling to reach potential foster parents and needed help marketing themselves on social media.

The Insight

A delicate topic, marketing to potential foster parents is no easy task. Just as Therapeutic Interventions works hard to locate and place children in loving, hospitable homes, the TechArk development team got to work designing and developing a digital domain for the agency while our marketing team had all the wheels spinning, brainstorming ways to frame the subject in a compassionate, sensitive, yet urgent manner.

The Solution

A subtle project from start to finish, this was one industry in which we could not persuade people into converting. Attempting to do so could cause a lot of trauma to a foster child, the very people we wanted to help.

We Solved

We realized that targeting would be key for these campaigns. We would need to reach a special kind of audience, one who would be open, capable, and willing to take in and care for potentially troubled children, and to do so with a loving heart.

We chose branding elements, messaging, and imagery that would speak to and awaken parental instincts within those already receptive to the idea: grandparents, parents with grown children, and childless couples with sufficiently high incomes to provide for a child. We paired images of happy, blended families with real quotes from foster parents that Therapeutic Interventions has worked with, resulting in a very authentic, fulfilling aesthetic.

The Results

As a call to action, we prompted users to sign up for a seminar on fostering to learn more and qualify as a foster parent. While low-commitment, this action would only be taken by those seriously considering fostering. To our delight, the results after the first three months were more than encouraging—they were downright uplifting!

  • 11 individuals expressed interest in learning more
  • 3 individuals actually attended the Fostering Seminar
  • 27% success rate as compared to 6% success rate from previous traditional print media advertising efforts by Therapeutic Interventions (Success is defined as a family taking in and fostering a child—we certainly call that a victory).

We were able to more acutely target families who might be interested in fostering, and we got the right messages in front of the right people. With such a positive success rate of 27%, we hope to continue making a difference with Therapeutic Interventions for a long time.

We Delivered