Rosenblum Plastic Surgery

We Listened

When Rosenblum Plastic Surgery first approached us, their website needed a little work done. TechArk was ready to operate, with a combination of custom procedures to help bring their dreams to life. We heard their concerns, expectations, and goals, and knew just what the doctor ordered.

As persistent in their quest for perfection as their patients, Rosenblum returned to us with a fresh need post-launch. Now that their website was as beautiful as work, they needed a way to show off their new assets. Our digital marketing team got prepped for surgery, bringing to the table fresh ideas, messaging, and graphics. Rosenblum wanted to utilize the full suite of our services, including …

We Solved

Content overhaul with dual goals: to enhance the average user’s impression with friendly, non-threatening language to speak to a potential plastic surgery candidate and to appease the rigorous content standards imposed by search engines. With an approachable and intelligent voice, the site was well on its way to increasing conversions.

Analylytics, AdWords, Display Ads: Next, our digital marketing specialists took the site’s analytics under the knife, monitoring audience behavior, and running paid ads with strategic targeting parameters:

  • 1st page ranking for majority of services
  • 12 conversions during 1st display ad campaign

Social Media Ads: Finally, we took over all of Rosenblum’s social media accounts, posting organically as well as running custom paid ad campaigns. Our social media maven maintained our momentum, driving traffic to the site with original graphics, clever messaging, and discrete calls to action.

A modern makeover to satisfy any perfectionist, Rosenblum Plastic Surgery is looking good.