Ray Johnson’s Fireplace & Patio Website Redesign

We Listened

The hottest place to score a custom fireplace, sweet patio furniture, or outdoor fire pit, Ray Johnson’s Fireplace & Patio has been a Hampton Roads favorite for years. When their eCommerce website security was compromised Ray Johnson sent out a distress call, which TechArk was happy to answer.

We Solved

We battled the hackers and took back the site, then got to work redesigning it. We built a new website, hotter than summer, and with lots of security measures built in. Ray was ready to move away from eCommerce, so we set him up with a mobile-friendly WordPress website. Now the beautiful custom work they produce will display perfectly on any size screen.

We Delivered

  • https://gotechark.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Ray-Johnsons-Mockup.png