Project Jam

We Listened

Project Jam had an idea for a new kind of social network, one solely for musicians. Whether individual artists, full bands, or beginners working their way through their first music book, the platform would provide a common ground for social interaction, networking and building connections, and even marketing promotion.

TechArk thought that idea was music to our ears, and we were jazzed to be a part of it.

We Solved

We worked with the entrepreneurs at Project Jam to design the wireframes, followed by high-quality mock ups. The elements of the project came together into one seamless entity – branding, user experience & user interface design, programming, API and web apps development – like a beautiful symphony.

Every note of the project was discussed and reviewed, and approved before the next note could be played, and the end result is as glamorous as it is functional.

Bravo! Encore!