Peninsula Kidney Associates

We Listened

Peninsula Kidney Associates (PKA) is a full service practice, providing diagnoses and treatments for kidney-related diseases and hypertension. These smart cookies know a thing or two about good decisions, which is why they selected TechArk to perform surgery on their branding and website development, as well as construct a custom digital marketing plan moving forward.

We Solved

TechArk rose beautifully to the challenge, refreshing their branding and updating their logo to match. Both elements now highlight the practice’s medical expertise and niche specialty in state-of-art website for healthcare professionals. The new site was developed to be mobile responsive and easy to manage, with content updates made possible in moments. Some fresh, new copy had the site looking and sounding smarter immediately, and a healthy dash of SEO boosted their search engine rankings to bring them more business.

Now Peninsula Kidney’s digital body of work is as fit as their patients.

We Delivered