We Listened

NeedToMeet had a good thing going on Android and Apple devices, but they wanted a Windows app to complete the trifecta. A productivity tool that offers easy scheduling when working with multiple calendars, this was a project in which we were personal interested.

Having caught the eye of NeedToMeet with our award-winning Windows apps, we …well, met.

TechArk knew this app needed custom UI controls specifically designed to simplify the appointment setup and selection process. We studied the iOS and Android apps for NeedToMeet very closely, then got to work designing the UI/UX experience for Windows phones.

We Solved

From creating custom calendar controls to allow social logins and integrating with external REST-based API for meeting details, this is an all-rounded project that successfully met NeedToMeet’s expectations.

The project went so well and the app has performed so beautifully, NeedToMeet has called on us for multiple projects since, and referred us to several of their business buddies.

Thanks, guys!