IL Giardino Ristorante

We Listened

A little slice of Italy lies tucked away in Virginia Beach, and its name is Il Giardino Ristorante. A local favorite and must-taste for visitors, the cuisine is all freshly prepared and made from scratch, using only the finest Italian ingredients.

While the chefs were busy whipping up culinary masterpieces, the web presence of Il Giardino was lacking some zest. The Italians turned to TechArk to create a custom recipe for success.

We Solved

Cooking up a responsive web design, mixing in an enhanced Parallax and big, bold banners, and adding a dash of new photography to show off the rustic location and delectable food, TechArk served up a digital dish to die for. Now they’ve enlisted our help for social media management as well. 

Now Il Giardino’s digital presence is as enticing as their food.

We Delivered