We Listened

FinFit offers the most comprehensive financial wellness program available to today’s workforce, but the thorn in their side was always security. They needed a way to streamline their workflow and ensure security, so that when scanning documents for a customer, the documents could be uploaded directly to their web application.

Faced with a difficult dilemma, FinFit began seeking a smart solution.

We Solved

Just like Prince Charming, of all the vendors they interviewed, none fit FinFit’s glass slipper. Everyone denied that such a functionality was possible, until they found TechArk. We studied the issue, researching the feasibility of programming an answer to this riddle, and at long last, we rose to the challenge We teamed up with FinFit to develop a modern scanning solution using socket-based programming, to deliver the desired result with satisfactory security.

Now, FinFit and TechArk can live happily ever after, as they continue to use their TechArk digital solution in their stores, with great success.