Chicho’s Pizza

We Listened

……..sorry, we were drooling.

Chicho’s Pizza is a local favorite in Virginia Beach, and with good reason. With humble origins as an idea between two native lifeguards in 1968, Chicho’s was an overnight success. Patrons watched as their orders were tossed, sauced, topped, and baked right before their eyes, and passerby couldn’t resist stopping in once they caught of whiff of the tantalizing fresh ingredients melding into the perfect pie.

It wasn’t long before the delicious operation expanded to include multiple locations Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, and it’s why TechArk was so thrilled (and hungry) when they approached us in need of a new website.

We Solved

We cooked up something special on WordPress, ensuring a mobile responsive experience and quick and easy content management updates. Adding some social media marketing for flavor led to a totally delectable experience that we served up piping hot.


We Delivered