Brand Fuel

We Listened

Brand Fuel is a nationally recognized, full-service promotional products agency capable of coordinating the selection, design, decoration, and production of logo merchandise. They’re also our building buddies here at 415 York Street in downtown Norfolk, so when we heard around the water cooler that they needed a new site we jumped for joy.

We Solved

TechArk lost no time at all in designing the digital web space of Brand Fuel, choosing a bright color palette to complement their rocket logo, and emphasize the fiery passion of their staff.

“They have maybe seven stores, and needed to have separate branding for all of them but they needed to use the same products, so we gave them a solution that allowed them to do that,”
-Darnley Archer, TechArk project manager of programming and apps

A responsive content management system completed the job, getting Brand Fuel ready for liftoff!