757 Angels Group

We Listened

This nonprofit group does a lot of good in Hampton Roads, connecting investors to entrepreneurs and startups, in a symbiotic professional relationship that makes everyone happy. At TechArk, we were excited to be a part of such an honorable endeavor.

The Angels needed a new website to replace their outdated one, and a better design was called for in order to provide a satisfactory user experience to both investors looking for startups to fund, as well as the aspiring business owners with big dreams.

We Solved

We streamlined the content and design, transforming the average user’s impression of the site from “clunky” to “clean,” and updated the homepage to offer two choices: Entrepreneur or Angel. With such a user path laid out, it’s no surprise that $21 million has already been invested in the last few years.

How divine.

We Delivered

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  • https://gotechark.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/22_Cash-Study_757-Angels-Group02.png
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