Sales Specialist

The Sales Specialist at TechArk is a full-time, in-house position at our headquarters in Norfolk, VA.

Preferred Qualities:

  • Strong communication skills – able to clearly and pleasantly state expectations, goals, tasks, milestones, and more to clients, teams, and TechArk management
  • Organizational skills – able to self-manage
  • Set and meet appointments, prioritize & follow up accordingly
  • Disciplined – able to work in or outside of office setting and still be productive


  • Seek out and pursue potential client leads with a need for TechArk’s website design & digital marketing services
  • Pitch/Promote TechArk to existing clients and prospects
  • Establish and maintain strategic relationships with existing and potential customers
  • Reach out to existing and potential customers both in-person and remotely
  • Achieve and exceed established sales targets, goals, and outcomes
  • Participate in client meetings as well as TechArk internal events
  • Participate in occasional after-hours events
  • Act as ambassador for TechArk


  • Degree in marketing, sales, or something similar
  • 2+ years work experience
  • Strong sense of personal accountability
  • Strong work ethic
  • Dedication to team, clients
  • Supportive to team, clients
  • Failure-not-an-option mindset

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