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Jun 13, 2017

At TechArk, we like to stay on top of industry news. We always know the latest version of WordPress, the newest advertising guidelines, and the coolest technological advances. So when Facebook drops the bomb that they’re updating their infamous News Feed Algorithm, we sit up and pay attention.

The social media O.G. announced last week that the latest algorithm tweaks may have a big impact on news feeds around the world. In the past, the company has fought back against ‘clickbait’ content by the page, tallying up violations as offenses against the poster’s account. Now, recent changes mean that individual posts will be penalized, so you won’t see them as often.

“Clickbait” is the pejorative term used for posts with teasing and often misleading titles or captions (ex: “You won’t BELIEVE what this celebrity said…” “Do THIS 5x a day to lose 50 lbs!”). These types of posts are usually links, taking users to the website where the article was posted. The articles themselves often contain little to no information, and the websites are generally old, outdated, non-responsive, and packed full of invasive ads.

What does that mean?

Companies posting low-quality, spam-riddled content will soon notice a decrease in their posts’ reach and engagement, and ultimately, their website traffic.

On the other hand…

Companies posting fresh, relevant, high-quality content on a clean, responsive, modern website, and sharing via social channels with informative captions, may notice a small increase in their posts’ reach and engagement, and ultimately, their website traffic.

In other words, Facebook just cracked the whip, as only Facebook can.

While this is a big deal for social media, for news outlets, and for the billions of worldwide users on Facebook every day (the algorithm change is in effect for English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese), this is also a big deal for TechArk.

At TechArk we design and develop custom websites and apps, as well as manage and advertise on social media. This affects our everyday work, and raises the bar for our entire industry. We already strive to produce beautiful and functional websites, fresh and interesting content, and relevant and engaging social media posts. Now we’ll just have more competition.

If your company is struggling to meet Facebook’s new expectations, we urge you to give us a call. Whether your website is older than your cell phone (that’s actually pretty bad) or your social content is sub-par, TechArk can help. Our graphic design team can bring your vision to life on a screen, our content marketer can put your vague concept into concise words, and our social media expert can expand your following and get your name out there with smart posting.

Digital marketing and website management can be difficult, but they don’t have to be. Call the professionals, and get back to doing what matters: taking care of your business.

Contact TechArk today!

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