Why Use Contact Forms on Your Website?

Mar 26, 2018

Does every website need a contact page? Probably.

Not every website has a contact form, but the ones that don’t … should. There are lots of reasons to include contact information on your business website—customers looking to hire you, for example, need a way to reach out. But those innocent-looking little web forms actually help your website and business more than you likely realize.

Contact Forms Reduce Spam

That’s right. If you don’t have one, you probably have an email address somewhere on your site: info@mybusiness.com or sales@mybusiness.com, something like that, right? You probably also get a ton of spam at that email address. The reason for this may surprise you.

Contact Forms Fend Off Hackers

Hackers and other nefarious internet characters send bots out across the internet, searching for information that can be used to their advantage. Your email address is precisely that sort of compromising information. Drop you a line? Don’t mind if they do.

Take a closer look at your website, specifically any links on web page content. Are you sure those links are yours, or on closer inspection do you discover they are pointing to a Nigerian “fundraiser?” You’ve been hacked, friend.

Contact Form DBs Collect Information

Did you know that a contact form database can capture a plethora of information about the sender? It’s true; from their actual submission (name, date, message, etc.) to what browser they were using, what sort of device, who their provider is, and even their general geological location.

How can you learn more about your audience? A contact form is a quick, easy, affordable (basically free) way to gain valuable insight.

Bonus: The contact form database also captures spam messages, which you are then able to block. No more weird messages from that suspicious email address!

Does every website need a contact form? We say Yes.

Speaking of contact forms, please admire & fill in ours!

Cut down on spam & never miss a lead, with a contact form DB.

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