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Your website is the main face of your business online, the digital storefront. If your company has the resources and budget, investing in a nice, modern, and responsive website with a clean design is highly recommended.

Think about your own online encounters: when you click into a site with a patterned background, or hard-to-read fonts, or blinking colors, or a cluttered menu, what is your first impression? Do you trust the business? Would you be comfortable giving them your money, feeling confident that you would receive quality goods or services in return?

We didn’t think so.

Now click into It’s a whole different experience, isn’t it? Are you able to quickly and easily find what you seek? Do you feel comfortable submitting your credit card information? Those reactions are no coincidence. Amazon has invested in their website, they’ve committed to making it a pleasure to use—to the point that it’s an effort for most of us to not spend money with them.

Amazon website

How do you earn customers’ trust? With great design.

We call it User Experience (UX) design, and it literally guides users on a journey through your website, ideally right to the checkout. Just as a city planner outlines where new construction should take place, our UX designers outline a user’s path through your website so that they quickly learn:

Ideally, a potential customer will browse your site a bit and then, persuaded of the merits of your business, fill out a contact form, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase. We call these actions converting.

What happens when a website visitor peruses your site and then leaves? Nothing, but if you have Google Analytics, then this failure of UX can be turned into a positive learning experience.

Do I Need Google Analytics?

Computer screen with charts

TechArk installs Google Analytics on all of our websites by default, because we want our clients to able to view user behavior and activity, seeing which pages they viewed and for how long. This provides invaluable insights into how people interact with your website.

Notice that 99.9% of users leave the site within seconds of viewing a specific page? Now you know which page needs the most improvement.

A website is never done and even when you have a clear user journey, stellar design, and trendy branding, there’s always room for improvement.

Call TechArk when you’re ready to redesign, revamp, and reimagine your website, and put it to work for your business.

Wacky patterns, cluttered menu, overgrown user path … oh my.

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