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What to Check When Your PPC is Not Working

Achieving success in the digital economy requires your organization’s online marketing presence to be a streamlined mechanism operating across multiple channels. In every channel, your marketing tools must be geared at driving traffic inwards from your various advertisements and content towards your website’s targeted landing pages and sales conversion content. One of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal is your web of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Properly deployed, PPC strategies can boost brand awareness by 80 percent. However, if your PPC account performance is lagging or your Google ads are not converting the expected leads, and in turn your sales are suffering, then it might be time to recalibrate your approach. 

TechArk understands that while utilizing a pay-per-click approach might be necessary for many companies, not all companies have the in-house expertise to launch, support, or troubleshoot PPC strategies. Let’s explore some ways to assess your PPC campaign and tweak it to get the results you need.  

The Right Keywords Are Key to Your Campaign’s Success

Your keywords should be broad enough in scope that they cover as much ground as possible – to a point. You can run into a number of issues in your PPC strategies if your ads aren’t properly configured around your keywords. 

Wrong Match Types

Poorly chosen keywords or keyphrases can result in several undesirable behaviors when the terms are searched for by potential clients.

Narrow Down Your Keywords

Depending on the campaign you’re trying to run, you’re likely to do some keyword research and develop a list of possibilities. Be deliberate in the words you choose and how many you decide to deploy in your campaign. Finding a balance between words that will draw attention and clicks and words that will generate actual leads is the goal, so experiment and see which choices give you the best results and build up your keywords from the more successful choices. 

Qualify Your Keywords and Key Phrases with Negative Search Terms

Implementing a list of negative keywords will disassociate your brand and services from those with which you do not wish to be associated. This will minimize matching errors and make sure that your brand is found more for the services you actually do offer, rather than those that you don’t. 

Consider Your Ad Content and Your Landing Pages

Your PPC campaign will only be as effective as the writing in your advertising and your landing pages. You can pick the perfect keywords to support your campaign, but if your advertisement isn’t properly positioning your unique selling proposition, the benefits to the searcher, or providing an effective call to action, then all of the perfect keywords in the world won’t save your PPC strategy. Similarly, if your landing pages are poorly constructed, cluttered, and unfocused on conversion, you’ll lose the visitor and the sale as they slide off of the page.  

Let TechArk Help Turn Your PPC Strategy Around

Our digital marketing team at TechArk can help you analyze your PPC account performance and determine where your strategy is missing the mark. Partner with our team to take a deep dive into your keywords to make sure you’re leveraging the right words and phrases, and then we can sit down with our website design team and marketing specialists to ensure your PPC strategy is solid from the landing page to your call to action. 

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