What Is a Pillar Page and How It Will Help Your Search Engine Rankings?

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Gone are the days when focusing only on “keywords” used to help you rank your website. You would have heard it time and again that Google's algorithm for SEO keeps changing.

The continual changes in Google's algorithm significantly affect the ranking of the website. And keeping up to date with the latest algorithm changes seems a daunting process.

Along with the changes in SEO practices, the way people search these days has also changed!


Searches have become more “specific and contextual” now. Every time you end up with a question, you search it and expect a precise answer to your query.

Moreover, many people don't even use a keyword in their search!

This is because of the rising popularity of voice search, such as the use of Google Voice Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. If you have ever asked, "Okay Google, where should I eat lunch today?", congratulations – you are part of the change.

Search engines aim at providing a user the best answer possible to the search query.

So how do you rank for such search queries and parallelly maintain your website as per google’s algorithm?

This is where a pillar page will help you to organize your content and also improve the SEO of your website.

What Is A Pillar Page?

A Pillar page is a website page with comprehensive information about the various core or crucial topics that your business offers.

In simple terms, it is a broad overview of a particular subject.

But why have a pillar page?

A pillar page is crucial because it provides in-depth information about the topic targeted. It offers more than just a general overview.

The search engine ranks the content that is organized as per the topic and not keywords.

Keywords are important but the topic is the umbrella and keyword is its component.

For example, if you go to a shopping center but the grocery items, electronics, clothes, and everything are mixed up, you may get confused while buying.

But when the same shopping center is organized into different shops of grocery items, electronics, clothes, and each shop has its further divisions, it makes buying easy.

The same thing is with pillar pages. It is an organized web page that uses topics to categorize keywords.

A pillar page is not new to the SEO world.

Over the years, several expressions were used to explain long-form blog content, like - cornerstone pieces, 10x content, and skyscrapers.

But the term pillar page was first forged by Hubspot in 2017. It was when they completely reorganized their blog and disclosed their new content marketing strategy.

What Makes a Pillar Page Important?

A pillar page is the replica of the essence of the website!

The pillar page acts as an epicenter for information dissemination. It is gaining popularity because it delivers users comprehensive content that gives them specific answers to their queries.

A pillar page content is traditionally long that can range between 3500 to 4000 words. And many studies have shown that longer content is more likely to appear on the first page of search engine listings.

It also gives an opportunity to use LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords. A majority of people type long phrases while searching on a search engine. High volume keywords can be targeted with the help of a pillar page.

It offers consistent internal linking. Pillar pages and blog posts are organized using a link structure that connects them. And good internal linking is necessary from an SEO point of view.

Pillar Page Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

Search engine ranking is a website’s position on the search engine result page. And a pillar page helps you to improve the rank of your website on the search engine.

But the question is “How?”

A pillar page can help you gain tons of traffic due to following reasons:

1. Detailed Information

A pillar page provides in-depth information about the topic on which it is created. This allows it to answer the longer queries of the users.

Since a user gets detailed information about a particular subject, it gains the trust of the readers. It also reduces the bounce rate of the web page.

A pillar page builds subject authority since it covers the concept in sufficient depth.

2. Keywords

The goal of creating a pillar page is to rank it well for a variety of topics.

Keywords play an important role in the search engine optimization of your web page. And a pillar page is the best place to target high-volume keywords.

This increases the chances of a good search engine rank of the pillar page.

3. Internal and External Linking

A pillar page can be used optimally for internal linking. It connects to the pages and blogs of the website. This improves the authority on that topic in the eyes of Google's algorithm.

They lead to high-quality backlinks too and let your web page rank higher for a lot of search queries.

4. Organization

The Pillar page content follows the hierarchy of tags (H1, H2, H3..) which makes the content well-organized. This leads to a good user experience and is important for SEO.

And even, search engines prefer web pages that are well-organized.

Thus, a pillar page will help you to target more audiences and improve the ranking of your website. An experienced digital marketing agency will help you to create a pillar page that will boost your search engine ranking.

TechArk Solutions is a leading website designing and digital marketing agency in Norfolk where we are aimed to provide quality website development and digital marketing services. If you want to add a pillar page to your website and make your digital marketing strategy stronger than ever, contact TechArk Solutions today!

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