What Can You Find in the Google Search Console?

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If we had to venture a guess, you’ve arrived at this blog by following a few different paths. If you’re a business owner researching marketing services or ways of improving your marketing strategy, including your online search engine optimization strategy, then there’s about an 81% chance you used Google to get here. This isn’t an exaggeration or hyperbole - the search engine is so popular and so massively influential over our online behavior, its name has itself become interchangeable with the act of performing an online search. 

As often as you’ve used Google as a business owner to search out business solutions or opportunities to improve your marketing strategies, were you aware that it’s also home to one of the most powerful SEO marketing tools that you can find? 

Did I mention that it’s free? 

We’re talking about the Google Search Console, previously known as Webmaster Tools, which is an essential tool that every website owner must take advantage of. Especially, if they want to gain the proper insight into how users are interacting with their brand’s most important marketing tool.  Now that I have your attention, let’s explore some Google Search Console tips for how the tools work and what information you can use it to find, and most importantly - why a strategic marketing partnership between your business and TechArk is crucial to get the most benefit from the free service. 

What You Can Do With the Google Search Console

At a macro level, the Google Search Console is a collection of web-based tools that you can use to assess how SEO-friendly your website is and whether your digital marketing strategies are effective. Dial down into the page where the tools are located, and you open the door to a wealth of data on page performance, visitor behaviors, and other information. Let’s take a closer look.

Control Your Search Appearance

Through the Google Search Console interface, you can actually take control of how your page appears in search results and create customized structured data listings, rich data cards, highlighted data listings, and improved sitelinks. You can add deeper levels of detail, modify your listing information, target pages to specific search terminology, include ratings and reviews of your business - all with a few strategic clicks. From this section you can also explore how well your accelerated mobile page is performing if you’ve built one to leverage the rising use of mobile devices.  

Dial In To Your Search Traffic Metrics

It’s not often you can access something for free that is as valuable as a complete and total analytical breakdown of all traffic across your website, but that’s exactly what you get under the Search Traffic Metrics tab in the Google Search Console. Keyword clicks, impressions, back-link listings, internal linking charts, and mobile adaptability are on the top level the data that are available. 

Google’s Indexing of Your Website

Another set of tools shows reports on how Google indexes your website and for which keywords. You’ll be able to review your sitemap and control which website resources are on view to Google, as well as which portions of your website should remain unindexed.

The Google Crawl

From the data gathered here, you’ll be able to determine if there are any aspects of your website preventing Google from accessing your page, when your page was last assessed by Google. You even get access to a tool called “Fetch as Google” allowing you to see how it finds your page, and how it’s rendered before appearing in search results. This gives you the chance to address any issues with pages that show up as unreachable or with errors, and then resubmit them to Google for reindexing to improve future results. 

Partner With the Experts at TechArk and Watch Us Leverage the Google Search Console with Ease

The Google Search Console is an amazingly in-depth tool that any website owner can access, once they’ve gone through the setup process. However, while it’s free, and while it provides you with a significant amount of data, it’s not necessarily data that you can easily translate into actionable marketing strategies. However, as experienced digital marketing specialists, your future marketing partners at TechArk know exactly how to translate the rich data flowing from the Google Search Console into effective marketing strategies that will launch your business to the next level.

To learn more about our digital marketing services and get the support you need creating your quarterly digital marketing checklist, contact our team of professionals today. 

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