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Instant Seo Analysis

Are you struggling to get your site to stand out in search engine results? Overwhelmed by the endless list of SEO rules you need to follow? At a loss as to where to begin to have Google rank your website in its search results? 


Don’t worry because you’re not the only one. In fact, getting your website to rank in Google is more competitive than ever


Why is it so difficult to rank on Google? That's because there are a multitude of factors that can lead to your website being outranked by your competitors. For example, if your site offers a poor user experience, lacks backlinks, has poor site speed, or has poor security, odds are your competition will beat out in search results every time.


At TechArk we know how difficult, confusing, and daunting this can be.


That is why we've created an Instant Website SEO Analysis tool to help you find ways to increase your website traffic and reach new customers by providing custom recommendations to improve your website's presence on the most popular search engines.


Your Instant Website SEO Analysis will include the following:

  1. Critical SEO Overview. Discover the main SEO issues facing your website.
  2. Actionable Insights. What steps need to be taken to improve your SEO?
  3. On-page SEO performance.  What do search engines see when they scan your website?
  4. How fast is your website? Is it too slow? Run the test to find out.
  5. How connected is your website to the rest of the internet? The more connected the better.
  6. Is your website optimized for mobile and tablet?  There are more screen sizes than ever, your site needs to look great on all of them.



1. Critical SEO Overview: What's Your SEO Grade?

This scorecard will show you what critical SEO factors are holding your site back from its full potential. This is section provides a great executive summary of the areas of your site that are performing well and the areas that need attention. If you're a busy business leader or marketing manager, this is the section for you. You can take this overview and share it with your staff or agency partner and have them get to work.


2. Critical Recommendations: Actionable Insights

Need help interpreting the SEO Overview? No need to worry. This section of the report will tell you exactly what you need to do to increase the overall SEO effectiveness of your site. You'll get a prioritized list of items that you'll need to address to begin to stand out in search results.


3. On-Page SEO Review: What Do Search Engines See When They Scan Your Site:

Search engines are constantly scanning your site’s content to improve your website’s ranking for relevant keywords. Because of this your page content should be focused on particular keywords you would like to rank for. Ideally, these keywords will be distributed across tags such as the title, meta, and header tags. Most companies forget these very technical elements of their site. The ones that don't overlook these can stand out on search engines. How does your site perform in the analysis?


4. Speed is King - Is Your Site Fast Enough?

Google recommends that sites load in under two seconds in order to rank well. Not only does site speed play an important role in rankings, but it also impacts the user’s experience. In fact, websites that take longer to load typically have higher bounce rates and low conversion rates. Don't worry, you don't have to find a stopwatch to measure your site's speed. We'll do it for you.


5. How connected is your site to the rest of the internet?

The sites that perform best in Google search results are the ones that are well connected to the rest of the internet. One of the quickest ways to increase the reach of your site is to make sure that it is connected to your business's social media accounts. The instant SEO analysis will point out the opportunities you are missing so you ensure your entire online presence is connected.


6. Does your site perform well on all device sizes?

The days of one standard cell phone screen and one standard tablet screen size are long gone. There are 100s of screen sizes available to users now and search engines want to make sure that your site functions well on all of them. This instant SEO analysis tool will review your site for display-related issues on multiple screen sizes so you can be sure your site is performing optimally, regardless of what device your users have in their hand.


What to do next?

If you haven't run your Instant Website SEO Analysis report yet, we highly recommend you do. After running the report, if you want to speak with one of our SEO Specialists to learn what other tactics you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy, schedule a time to speak with us. We've helped 100s of businesses improve their online presence and we'd love to work with you to do the same.



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