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Why your website has to be mobile-friendly

The goal of having a mobile friendly website is to offer an optimal experience on whatever device screen your potential visitor is using to find your website. Along with the increasing number of mobile users, there are several other reasons as well which you cannot ignore.

You never know from what device a person uses to access your website so it is essential to plan accordingly; offering an enhanced experience across handheld devices such as a tablet to more conventional ways via laptops and desktops ensures less time waiting for a page to load and more browsing of your content. Implement simple measures such as click-to-call or mapping functions help to keep your users engaged and have been shown to help in boosting your SEO efforts.

As Google also constantly scours the web to update their search results, webmasters have concentrated their mobile optimization efforts to show up more easily on Google’s mobile search network. Being mobile friendly is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity in making sure your website is up to par with Google’s constantly updated search algorithms and in ensuring that the FIRST thing your visitor notices when visiting your website is that it works great on whatever device they are using.

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