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Feb 01, 2018

Remember booting up your old computer and waiting while it hemmed, hawed, and screeched its way to connect you to AOL, or AskJeeves? We do.

Ask Jeeves logo and search bar

We’re so glad those days are gone, but it makes us pause and consider just how far technology, specifically the internet, has come in such a short time. Gone are the days of dial up and “You’ve got mail.” Welcome to the future of emojis and social media.

So what does all of that mean for your business? It means things are both easier and harder these days. Easier because it’s almost effortless for your customers to access the internet and find information about you, harder because as a business it’s your responsibility to curate that information … and it could be anywhere.

Website, social media, search engines, reviews, directories; the list goes on. And even now the internet is constantly evolving – the shift now comes as mobile apps begin to overtake traditional websites.

What is a busy business owner to do?

Woman in front of laptop

You could pay a neighbor’s child to build you a simple website, hire an employee to manage social accounts, and spend your nights and weekends scouring online reviews and correcting inaccurate directory listings. You’ll save a ton of money, and probably get something technically functional out of all that.

There’s just one issue: none of it is working together.

Yelp logoWhen your website doesn’t match your social media, or your G+ account is managed through an email you no longer have access to, or you keep finding directories pointing to your old storefront, it can start to feel hopeless.

It’s a sticky web of misinformation waiting to trap small or young businesses, and we at TechArk get it, because we’ve seen it before.

Don’t get tangled in the interweb. There is a way out.

Coca-Cola logoTechArk employs designers who can outline branding guidelines for an existing brand, or create a whole new one with clearly defined standards. Ever noticed how Coca Cola’s logo has always stayed consistent? Or how Google always uses the same colors? That’s branding – it works, and it matters.

TechArk’s developers build websites and apps, so if you need both we’ll make sure they work in tandem, one informing the other. Notice how Spotify’s desktop app follows along when you’re playing music through the mobile app on your phone? That’s quality development in action.

Spotify logo

TechArk also maintains a marketing department. Our copywriters can give your brand a voice; our strategist can give  your vision direction; our social media specialist can help you get seen and begin interacting with customers in real time.

Google logoFinally, our Search Engine Specialists monitor your website ranking and work to bring your company up to display on page one of relevant search results. They’ll also comb through online directories and other ways that users might be searching for you, verifying listings and correcting any inaccuracies.

We run the gamut on the interwebs, and we’d love to help you and your business do the same. The web we’ve woven is tangled indeed, but you don’t have to get stuck in it.

Call TechArk today and get started taking back your brand.

It’s a sticky web of misinformation waiting to trap small or young businesses, and we at TechArk get it, because we’ve seen it before.

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